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Because of Reliv: We Travel the World

Because of Reliv: We Travel the World

John and Annette Stegenga of Jarvis, Ontario, have always been focused on service and dreamed of going on a mission trip. But they could never afford the trip until they received a Reliv bonus and decided to pay it forward. “In addition…
Because of Reliv We Live Debt Free

Because of Reliv: We Live Debt Free

With a career in music and ministry, Dan and Fern Utz had been looking for additional income. They found Reliv. “Our Reliv business has been a lifesaver in an unstable economy,” Dan says. “The beauty of it is that we’re helping other…
Start a Reliv Business. I can't do that!

Start a Reliv Business? I Can’t Do That!

If you have reservations about becoming a Reliv Distributor, check out this advice from some of our top leaders! You’ll be glad you did! I don’t have the time. “When I started Reliv I was working full-time and raising two young…
Start a Reliv Business. I can't do that!

From Surviving to Thriving: Mindy Jones Achieves Reliv Hall of Fame

It’s shocking to hear Presidential Platinum Ambassador and new Hall of Fame member Mindy Jones say that she isn’t a natural salesperson. After all, she has achieved Reliv’s highest Distributor ranks, taken more than 100 Reliv trips…
Start a Reliv Business. I can't do that!

An Amazing Life: Susan McConnell

“I’m a retired school teacher now teaching people how to get what they want out of life,” says Susan McConnellof Gaston, IN. “It started when I asked a doctor if there was a nutritional approach to better health and he introduced me…
Start a Reliv Business. I can't do that!

The Reliv LunaRich Opportunity

Who you are is written in both pen and pencil. Things written in pen you can’t change. That’s DNA. But things written in pencil you can. That’s epigenetics. The Innovation: A New Dimension in Wellness Every cell in your body, from…