10 Steps to Achieving Work-Family Life Balance

Family Life Balance

Ever find yourself overwhelmed and stressed because you just came home from an 8-hour workday and your kids are crying – one wants help with homework, the other wants you to play Lego? Then add dinner, three loads of washing and taking the dog for a walk!

What’s left is little, if any, time to actually enjoy the family life you work so hard to support. That’s why you need balance. Achieving work-family life balance can be tough, but it’s vitally important to your happiness as a parent.  Here are some tips to help establish priorities and figure out what works best for you.

1. Ask for what you want: When looking for a job, be prepared to present your employer with reasonable requests that can help you manage your profession and parenthood. Don’t be afraid to ask for that extra hour off to work from home so you can pick up your kids from school. If you aren’t upfront with your bosses about your home-life priorities, you will end up resenting them and your job. (Of course, you can always launch a Reliv business and be your own boss!)

2. Be guilt-free: A lot of us focus on the negative aspects of being away from our kids. We should instead cherish every second we have with them and be thankful for the opportunities that our job gives our children. For instance, a second pay cheque may lead to that additional gymnastics team your daughter has been begging to join!

3. Get organized: Take 20 minutes after the kids go to bed to get everyone’s things ready for the morning. Pack lunches, get your Reliv products ready and put your work bag next to the door. Being prepared will make for an easy-going, enjoyable start to the day.

4. Keep your kids in order: It’s not all about you. Helping your kids stay organized so they know what their chores are and when soccer practice is will help them stay structured and stress-free as well. Try making a big calendar where everyone can put their activities up and stay in the loop.

5. Stay connected: If your mandatory morning meeting at work conflicts with the school talent show, plan something in advance so your kids feel your presence and know that you wanted to be there. Try videotaping the show and watching from home that night after dinner!

6. Limit distractions: All work and no play… After work, don’t check your email or phone until your kids go to bed. Set limits on how much time they can spend watching TV so that your time as a family is maximised.

7. Find a babysitter: A happy wife means a happy life. Having a healthy marriage is key to having a stress-free home. Make sure to set aside time for your significant other even if it means getting outside for a 15-minute walk every other night or grabbing dinner around the corner.

8. Have “me” time: You can’t be an effective spouse or parent if you’re cranky, so take time to care for yourself to feel relaxed and effective. Take time to exercise or focus on a hobby that is important to you. Sleeping and eating well will help too!

9. Stay consistent with Reliv: With Reliv, you can maintain optimal health, reduce stress, feel more energy and feel your best through optimal nutrition. When you’re trying to do it all, what’s more important than having the energy to do it?

10. Live a purpose-driven life: The key to balance is making time for what’s most important to you. Take time to decide what purpose you truly want to fulfill and get to work! At the end of the day, you want to be happy with what you accomplished that day. Living for a purpose and prioritizing will help make it happen. Benjamin Franklin said it best: “You can do anything you set your mind to.”

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