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3 Reasons to Splash into Sports Drinks

Isotonic Sports Drink

Isotonic sports drinks are essential for active lifestyles. When the body sweats, it loses water and nutrients that it needs to stay healthy. With this loss also comes the loss of energy, which could cause you to feel drained.

Isotonic sports drinks can help – and give you the edge you need to maximize your workouts.

Balancing Electrolytes

The body needs water of course, and that is the main ingredient of most isotonic sports drinks. Dehydration can occur when the body loses more fluids than it gains. If you sweat even a minimal amount, water may not be enough to replenish fluids you have lost. Isotonic sports drinks provide the body with both fluids and electrolytes, including sodium to help absorb and retain those fluids.

Increasing Energy

Your body needs carbohydrates (sugars) to stay energized, and sports drinks provide the right amount to continue with exercise without a sugar crash. By replacing carbohydrates, you can complete your activity without fizzling out due to exhaustion. The sodium in these drinks also allows for the body to replenish its fluids faster, delivering the energy and endurance to finish a workout without having to push yourself too hard.

Kick it Up A Notch

Innergize! is Reliv’s patented isotonic sports drink. With its balance of sodium and potassium, it allows the body to absorb the needed fluids that are lost during a vigorous workout. Give your workout a kick with a scoop of Innergize! and see the results!

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