3 Tips for Healthy Aging

From surgically-altered Hollywood stars — to advertisements for drastic anti-aging treatments, we constantly feel the pressure to stay young. But if we take care of our bodies from the inside, we can embrace aging instead of fearing it!

Challenge Your Brain. The saying “use it or lose it” applies to your brain. People often stop challenging their brains after retirement. Challenge your mind with the sudoku or crossword puzzle in the newspaper. Forcing those neurons to work in a fun way keeps you focused and alert. Healthy energy shot 24K™ can also help with your mental clarity and focus for those extra challenging Saturday morning crosswords.

Laugh Often. Laughter reduces stress hormones and releases endorphins — “feel good” hormones — in the brain. Laughing with others strengthens relationships, and studies have shown that strong friendships can increase your longevity.

Eat More Fat. Who would have thought anyone would tell you to add fat to your diet? Good fats like Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to keep your bones strong, reduce the effects of inflammation and contribute to healthy skin. Omega-3’s are found in foods like fish, pine nuts, avocados and ReversAge®.

ReversAge is packed with essential nutrition for your body as it ages. Ingredients like Co-Q10, GPC and SAM-e help keep your brain sharp, your mood up and your body functioning to the best of its ability so you can enjoy vitality throughout your years.

Enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle with Reliv. Order now.

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