5 Stress Management Tips from Around the World

Around the World Tips on Handling Stress

Pools are closing and leaves are falling: it’s Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Get back to work!” Many of us are dreading packing away our swimsuit for another three seasons and hauling out the cardigans and massive coats. For many, the transition from lounging in a lawn chair to climbing into an office chair is a bumpy one and only increases the already demanding stressors of daily life. But people from all over the globe have a few suggestions on how to jump back into work stress-free. Join us on a hassle-free trip around the world and learn how other cultures practice relaxation.

Se Détendre “Relax”
In France, it is a common habit to come home from work and enjoy what the French call a “Petit Apertif.” They often enjoy a glass of wine and maybe a side of cashews to take a moment and reflect on the day’s activities.

Work is tough. When you leave work, leave the work and fully engage in your life. Go home and take a walk, read a book, or whatever it takes to teach your body that the work is done and it’s time for you. Be sure to turn it into a habit and before you know it, you’ll walk into the house shutting out all the day’s stress behind you.

новый старт “Fresh Start”
Russia knows just how to melt away the stress off your “to do” list. After clocking out, many Russians head straight for the “banya” (sauna) for a tranquil stop to sweat away their full day of tension.

Researchers at Yale University have proven that the billowing steam from your bathroom actually creates emotional warmth that calms your mood and sheds the stress. So, tomorrow morning, take 10 minutes to fog up the bathroom mirror and start your day prepared for anything.

After your long, hot shower, grab a quick and healthy shot of 24K® for an added bit of energy, focus and stress relief. Reliv is proud to offer the only energy drink that addresses the entire fatigue cycle, including stress relief through natural ingredients. Our 24K includes Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter that controls the brain’s theta waves, increases endorphins and reduces anxiety. It also contains Valerian Root Extract which provides energy without jitters.

นวด “Massage”
Need an excuse to get that massage? In Thailand, massages are for more than occasional spa days; they are an art form to be regularly enjoyed.

Working out painful knots in your neck and back feels great, but it does more than loosen you up. A proper massage with enough pressure actually releases a natural antidepressant chemical in your brain called serotonin. So, don’t wait for the next spa day; go knead out that unneeded tension and relax.

If you just can’t shake that ache, even with a good massage, add some Arthaffect® to your daily routine and ease joint discomfort or overall stiffness.

Te en paus! “Take a Break!”
In Sweden, you will find many employees off to a local coffee shop or talking in the break room with a few co-workers. The Swedish call this coffee break “fika,” and make it a priority.

Researchers at MIT have found that employees who mingle with fellow colleagues are actually 10-15% more productive than those who don’t. So, don’t glue yourself to your desk. Get up and chat by the break room or share a Reliv shake. Not only will your boss love the improvements in your work, but your work day won’t drag on and, who knows, you might just be ready to get back to work.

Looking for a new way to share your Reliv story? Share a shake with colleagues and tell them about the preventative health and good nutrition they’re getting. Let them see the list of ingredients on the product label and they’ll be impressed with all the vitamins and nutrients.

浸泡双脚 “Soak Your Feet”
What with walking and jogging on top of day to day chores, we give our feet an excessive workout. But just like you and I, they get overworked and exhausted. It’s time to learn from the women of China and give our feet the much earned reward they call, “zu yu.” Many Chinese women will slip out a bowl of hot water and dip their feet in up to their ankles.

At the end of the day, grab a book and a bowl of hot water, slip your feet in, and give yourself the well-deserved relief from your full day of work. Throw in a handful of Epsom salts and 2 spoonful’s of baking soda for the best relief. Flower petals and lavender oil will leave your feet feeling and smelling fresh.

Whatever you do to manage stress, take time this fall to try a new method of easing tension and reconnecting with your serene self. Take time to rest, get enough sleep and consume healthy food to prepare your body for the changing of the seasons. Making Reliv products a part of your regimen will give your body the boost it needs to manage stress and rebuild through optimal nutrition.

Thanks Reliv for some great stress relief tips!






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