5 Ways to Keep Your Mood Up and Weight Down This Holiday Season


Who says being jolly means having a belly like a bowl of jelly? You can still be merry this holiday season while you keep weight gain out in the cold. All it takes is following five simple rules.

1. Eat breakfast.


You’ll jumpstart your metabolism and cruise through the day in a better mood with more energy. You’ll also be less likely to mindlessly nibble or full-blown overeat later in the day. In fact, eating breakfast is a daily habit for the “successful losers” who belong to The National Weight Control Registry and have maintained a 30-pound or more weight loss for at least a year. Another research group found those who ate breakfast ate fewer calories overall during the day and were more likely to exercise regularly.
2. Drink water.


When you’re dehydrated, you feel tired. If you’re slumping by early afternoon, drink a couple glasses of water rather than wiping out the cookie platter to perk up. If your water level is low, you won’t have energy to exercise and it’s harder for your body to burn fat.
3. Squeeze in a walk.


Exercise is a way to decompress from stress and keep your metabolism fired up. Even 30 minutes a day can prevent weight gain. And a brisk walk can leave you feeling energized and less tempted by the naughty elves who are keeping you supplied with cookies and candy.
4. Skip the alcohol.


Briefly, you may feel more relaxed but drinking dissolves your resolve so you may find yourself face first in the cheesecake — complete with a lampshade on your head. Alcohol is also full of empty calories and interrupts sleep and increases depression and anxiety. Who wants to spend the holidays like that?
5. Give in to carbs – carefully.


It’s not your imagination: winter tends to intensify carb cravings. Ignoring the cravings can lead to an all-out binge. So once or twice a day, treat yourself to a portion-controlled carb snack, such as ¾ cup full of crunchy cereal, pretzels, popcorn — and maybe even a small piece of heart-healthy dark chocolate. Just remember: treat yourself right!
Lean on a Weight Loss Partner


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