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5 Ways to Rein in Holiday Weight Gain


While the holidays aren’t the best time to kick off a weight loss program, you certainly can hold steady — and still enjoy the goodies the season has to offer. Just follow five simple “rein-it-in-dear rules” and you’ll be able to wear the same size pants from the beginning of December to the very end.

1. Keep eating.

Don’t starve yourself all day with the idea that you’re saving room for treats at tonight’s holiday party. Skipping meals usually leads to overindulging later because you’re so hungry. Instead, eat regular, high-protein, high-fiber meals to keep you feeling satisfied. Then when you’re unleashed at the buffet table, you can make careful, sane choices and slowly savor each bite.

2. Don’t say no.

Declaring any food off limits makes you want it more — it’s human nature. So cut yourself some slack. Eat small amounts of what you crave and really enjoy it. You’ll find you’re satisfied with less.

3. Be picky.

Just because Rudolph-nosed sugar cookies only make an appearance at Aunt Bessie’s once a year doesn’t mean you have to eat them. If the cookie only rates a 3 on your delicioso-meter, while that chocolate-peppermint cheesecake winking at you rates a mouth-watering 15, then by all means devour a small sliver of the cheesecake and skip the cookie. Choose foods that give you the most pleasure to get more bang for your calorie-buck.

4. Don’t drink your calories.

Eggnog, hot buttered rum, specialty coffees crowned with whipped cream and other drink heavyweights are laden with fat and calories. When tallying your daily calorie count, these are easy to overlook. And drinking calories is always less satisfying than eating them. Choose water, diet sodas or non-fat versions of drinks whenever possible.

5. Make excuses to exercise.

Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day — as simple as taking a walk — will help you stay focused on your health goals, will burn excess calories, and will relieve stress — so you’re likely to eat less.

Put Slimplicity on Your Side

While it’s possible to lose weight during the holidays, maintaining weight is an admirable goal, too. Reliv’s Slimplicity® Weight Loss System is the ideal partner to help you do that. Substituting one meal a day with a delicious, satisfying Slimplicity shake gives you the edge you need. You’ll know just how many calories you’re consuming to work it into your daily plan. For even more appetite control, take two Accelerator capsules before a big party. You’ll be blocking and burning fat in no time as you confidently breeze past the dessert table. And the system’s pedometer, food and exercise journal will help keep you on track. Slimplicity is a powerful partner for the holidays — and all year round!

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