5 Ways to Sabotage Your Diet

Are you sabotaging your weight loss efforts?

1. Eat at the counter


If you’re standing up, chances are you’re multi-tasking and not paying attention to what you’re putting in your mouth. But if you sit down and eat slowly, savoring each bite, you’ll enjoy your food more and ultimately, be satisfied with less. You’ll also give your brain time to get the signal that you’re full. So take a break to sit down and enjoy a healthy meal.
2. Skip breakfast


A Harvard study found that those who ate breakfast regularly were less likely to become obese, compared to those who skipped it. And other research shows people who eat breakfast eat fewer calories per day and lose weight more successfully than those who don’t. Plus breakfast skipping can slow down your metabolism and make you more likely to binge later in the day
3. Rarely weigh yourself


A study of overweight adults who were either trying to lose weight or trying to prevent weight gain found that those who weighed themselves frequently lost more weight and prevented more weight gain over two years than those who weighed themselves less frequently. Facing the numbers on the scale more often may hold you more accountable for what you’re putting in your mouth. Frequent weighing — even every other day — may also allow you to change course if you start noticing an upward trend on the scale.
4. Forget calories on the weekend


You were the model dieter all week long so you deserve to “let go” this weekend, right? The problem is, overindulging on weekends could negate all the effort you made during the week. A study by the National Institutes of Health showed that dieters consistently stopped losing weight on the weekends due to an increase in calories from parties and social events. The trick is balance. If you know you’ll be attending a party, eat lighter during the day and add in more exercise to counter the extra calories. Then don’t forget to get back on track for the week ahead.
5. Forbid foods


Limit indulgent foods but you don’t have to eliminate them completely — otherwise you’ll feel deprived and may binge later. Allow some wiggle room in your diet for foods you enjoy or set aside an occasional “cheat” meal or treat. That way you’re more likely to stick with your weight loss plan in the long run.
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