Another Reason to Fill Up on Fiber

Get Your Fiber

Fiber has been at the forefront lately for all its benefits, from treating and preventing constipation to lowering cholesterol and helping with weight loss. But there’s another, less frequently mentioned benefit: fiber can also prevent diverticulosis.

Diverti-what? Diverticulosis is a condition where small pouches develop in the colon and bulge outward through weak spots. It is a fairly common problem that develops as we age. In fact, about half of all people over age 60 are affected.

Some people with diverticulosis don’t notice any symptoms. Others experience mild cramps, bloating and constipation. But the danger of diverticulosis is that the pouches, called diverticula, can become infected or inflamed causing diverticulitis. An attack of diverticulitis can occur suddenly and without warning. Symptoms include bowel pain, fever, nausea, and rectal bleeding. Tenderness on the left side of the lower abdomen is also a common sign of diverticulitis. If the pouches perforate, it can be a life-threatening condition requiring immediate medical attention.

Fiber to the Rescue

A high-fiber diet is key to preventing diverticulosis. Fiber helps make stools soft and easier to pass. It also prevents constipation, which can cause increased pressure on the colon and lead to the development of diverticula.

So bulk up your diet with plenty of fiber-rich fresh fruits and vegetables and whole wheat bread and pasta. The American Dietetic Association recommends you eat 20 to 35 grams of fiber each day.

A medium apple or pear with skin each has 4 grams of fiber. One-half cup of cooked broccoli has 2.5 grams of fiber, while a half-cup of cooked kidney beans has 8 grams. And one slice of whole wheat bread contains 2 grams of fiber.

Another delicious way to help meet your daily fiber quota is with Reliv FibRestore®. Each serving gives you a full 10 grams of fiber, which is about one-third of the recommended daily amount. In addition to fiber, FibRestore also offers a unique combination of beneficial ingredients, including 21 herbs and a powerful package of antioxidants.

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