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Autumn is Exercise Season

Exercise and Nutrition

Now that the heat of summer is waning and the invigorating crisp days of fall are here, it’s a great time to get up, get out and get going!

If the thought of getting active seems a bit daunting, the following tips might be just the thing to help you get started – and make exercise a habit you can live with!

• Consult with your physician before starting an exercise program, especially if you’ve had a sedentary lifestyle, or if you have arthritis, back problems, heart problems, diabetes, etc.

• Choose an activity you enjoy so you’re more likely to stick with it.

• Progress slowly. Increasing frequency, distance or speed too quickly can cause injury as well as “burn out.”

• Keep a schedule and a daily or weekly log of your exercise sessions so you can see your progress and stay motivated.

• When you start an exercise program, muscle soreness is common; however, it should decrease with conditioning. Don’t ignore pain that continues. Make sure you warm up and cool down before and after exercise. Eating protein within an hour after strenuous exercise or weight lifting will help improve soreness.

• Wear appropriate footwear and observe shoes for wear. Replace shoes when they’re worn out or when they don’t provide adequate support.

• Don’t exercise immediately after meals. Blood flow is directed to the abdomen at this time for digestion.

• Listen to your body for signs of overexertion, such as pounding in your chest, dizziness, faintness or profuse sweating. If you experience these symptoms, stop all activity and sit.

• Make a schedule you can stick with. Set aside a specific time of day for exercise so it becomes part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth. But remember to allow some flexibility in your exercise schedule.

• Find an “exercise buddy”for support and friendly competition to help you stick to your exercise program.

• Drink a ProVantage® shake after cardio or weightlifting to help improve muscle recovery time.

• Despite cooler temperatures, dehydration is still an issue. Sip from a bottle of Innergize!® throughout your workout to replace electrolytes lost through sweat.

Get started today!

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