Avocado: The Mexican Super Fruit

Avocado Super Food

A newly recognized super food, the avocado, has taken the U.S. by storm — and for good reason. Avocados contain an abundance of vitamins, minerals, heart-healthy fats and other nutrients that your body needs to stay in good health.

Health Benefits

●  Healthy skin: produces oil similar to the oil produced by the human skin

●  Anti-Inflammatory: helps prevent or mitigate against both osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, due to high levels of Vitamins C and E, selenium, zinc, phytosterols and omega-3 fatty acids

●  Heart Health: lowers LDL cholesterol as effectively as statin drugs. Avocados are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and HDL cholesterol, improving cardiovascular health

Active Ingredients

●  Protein: contains all 18 essential amino acids for complete protein production

●  Carotenoids: delivers high-quality Vitamin A to your body through carotenoids, which promotes eye health and the functioning of your immune and reproductive systems

●  Enzymes: breaks down vitamins and minerals that cannot be absorbed by the body

●  Minerals: provides nutrients involved in over 300 metabolic processes in the body, filling in one of the highest and most common nutritional deficiencies

Enjoying Avocados

There are any number of ways to prepare this delicious fruit. If you’re going the guacamole route, try this simple recipe.

Pick the Right Ones

Be sure to examine your avocados to determine which ones you should buy. Use these pointers to choosing the best avocados for your situation:

●  Avoid overripe avocados, which have dents and are overly soft.

●  Go for the avocados that feel slightly soft when squeezed and have no dents.

●  Unripe avocados, which have very hard skin, can ripen at home.

●  The nutrient-packed part of the avocado is right under the skin, so scrape the skin clean before disposing of it.

For Your Health

Are avocados not your thing? Still want those great health benefits? Well, you’re in luck! Reliv Now® and Reliv Classic® share several nutrients with avocados, such as pantothenic acid, Vitamins A, C, E and B-6, and magnesium, providing you with essential daily nutrition. Both deliver optimal levels of the recommended daily amount of vitamins in every serving!

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