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Clinically Proven Heart HealthEvery 35 seconds, someone in America dies of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Although many of these deaths are preventable, controlling risk factors such as cholesterol and triglycerides can be difficult.

CardioSentials® offers an easy nutritional solution to fit your busy lifestyle. Just one scoop of berry-flavored CardioSentials a day can help reduce total cholesterol, LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as increase HDL (good) cholesterol and lower blood glucose levels. It’s been proven effective in a clinical trial.

With CardioSentials, you can pursue heart health without missing a beat.

Total Heart Health

CardioSentials contains a unique blend of powerful nutrients to support cardiovascular health — and it starts with phytosterols. The American Heart Association recommends 1,000-2,000 mg of phytosterols per day to reduce heart disease risk by blocking the absorption of dietary cholesterol. CardioSentials provides a healthy 1,500 mg of phytosterols per serving, plus several other heart-healthy ingredients:
Policosanol: helps maintain normal cholesterol and enhances coronary blood flow.
OptiBerry®: relaxes arterial walls to keep blood flowing.
CoQ10: energizes the heart.
Gugulipid: maintains healthy levels of cholesterol and triglycerides and protects against hardening of the arteries.
Protykin®: contains more than 1,000-times the amount of the same antioxidant ingredient in red wine believed to promote cardiovascular health.

Clinically Proven

A study published in the Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine showed CardioSentials to be effective in lowering risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial tested individuals taking statin medications and participants not on statins. Both groups significantly reduced key risk factors for CVD. (All numbers are averages.)
• Total cholesterol – 7%
• LDL (bad) cholesterol – 9%
• HDL (good) cholesterol + 4%
• Triglycerides -13%
• Fasting glucose – 6%

To learn more, download the full study.

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CardioSentials® Product Reviews

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“My husband, Santi, recently received some good news from his doctor. Blood tests showed that his cholesterol levels were finally within acceptable range. He’d had trouble keeping his levels under control, despite close monitoring by a cardiologist. But adding CardioSentials to his daily routine made the difference. Santi feels better. He’s back working in his garden and he’s asking for his shakes. He knows this is working.” ~ Sonia Lombardo, Miami, FL

“I have a family history of heart disease. So even though I have always exercised and eaten right, I learned at a routine physical that my cholesterol was through the roof. I started on CardioSentials and saw results within months. At my last physical, my numbers were better than they were 25 years ago!” ~ Mark Gauger, North Yarmouth, ME

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