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Fantastic Father: Fatigue Fighter

Fight Fatigue with 24K

All dads must be superheroes at times. The “Fantastic Father” needs a super set of skills to successfully raise his children.

Effortless Energy

The first superpower you need is energy. Fantastic Father must keep up with his little sidekicks even after a long day at work. Diet can play a big part in how much energy you have. Foods with B vitamins to help boost your energy include:

  • eggs
  • edamame
  • whole grain cereal
  • trail mix
  • quinoa
  • pumpkin seeds

Fierce Focus

In a world where multitasking is the norm, Fantastic Father must focus his attention on the unique challenges his minions bring on a daily basis. A few tips will help improve your focus and keep you on track. Distractions can come internally or externally. Try these tips:

  • writing things down
  • creating the right environment
  • prioritizing tasks
  • working in chunks

Sans Stress

Fantastic Father does not allow stressful situations to get out of control. One key to reducing stress is exercise. Even just walking, cleaning the house or yard work can take some of the weight off of your shoulders. Practicing deep breathing techniques also reduces stress. That’s one way yoga and tai chi helps people. Another easy method to relieve stress is through progressive muscle relaxation, in which you tense up a specific set of muscles while breathing in and then release them when you exhale.

Reliv to the Rescue

Reliv’s 24K™ is the perfect fuel for real-life superheroes! Just one healthy energy shot gives you the focus, energy and stress relief you need to keep up your reputation as Fantastic Father. Healthy energy shot 24K is packed with 24 nourishing ingredients, including B vitamins for energy, Coenzyme Q10 for focus and Serenzo™ for relaxation.

Mission accomplished!

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