Fiber is your NEW Diet Partner

Healthy Fiber - get your fix with FibRestore

Fiber is a nutrient found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains which is essential for good digestion. Why is it beneficial to take fiber regularly in our diet? Let’s find out:

1. Good digestion – A high-fiber diet promotes optimal digestion and bowel regularity to keep your gut clean and healthy. There are two (2) types of fiber: soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber helps absorb cholesterol while insoluble fiber helps your body move things smoothly in your digestive tract for an easier bowel movement.

2. Helps lower cholesterol – Fiber helps lower your bad low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and your overall cholesterol. It’s the soluble fiber’s duty to absorb cholesterol from the food being digested in your guts until it passes down as body waste.

3. Higher energy level – Adding fiber to your meals helps you keep a stable blood glucose level which means a sustainable source of energy for the entire day. Eating only regular carbs makes you crave more food that results in unstable energy levels while a high-fiber diet helps you avoid energy spike and sugar absorption after meals.

4. Clearer skin – Did you know that fiber may help you achieve clearer skin? Fiber flushes out toxins from your body through the gut, instead of through the pores so skin will start to look healthier and more radiant with a high-fiber diet.

Balance, Restore, Revitalize with FibRestore®

We don’t normally get our daily fiber needs because of poor diet and busy schedules. An average adult needs 25-35 grams of it daily and one of the best solutions we have is Reliv FibRestore®. Each serving (1 scoop) contains at least 1/3 of the daily recommended fiber without you getting baffled or stressed about what food you should eat. Having your FibRestore shakes twice every day saves you time, energy, and health all at once.

Try it now and enjoy FibRestore’s benefits that go way beyond digestion!


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