Get Fit as a Family

Family Fitness with Reliv

If you’ve noticed that the kids have become TV-watching zombies, your spouse is permanently connected to a smartphone and even the dog has gotten too lazy to chase rabbits, it’s time to get fit as a family!

September 29 is Family Fitness Day! There’s never been a better time to start sharing the benefits of exercising with your loved ones. 

Benefits of Family Exercise

Calorie burning, cardiovascular improvements, and increased strength are well known physical benefits, but exercise can also improve your psychological health. The whole family will benefit when you:

  • reduce stress
  • increase personal happiness
  • channel anger
  • gain confidence
  • improve memory

Build Family Bonds

What better way to connect with one another than to exercise as a family? Spending more time around your loved ones will help you strengthen your bonds. Sharing a common fitness goal can help you keep each other motivated too.

Try Something New

A family can do practically any workout together. Try something new every week. Take turns letting each family member choose a new activity. You might even start a new family tradition such as an annual 5K run, flag football game or hike. Here are some simple go-to ideas for family outings:

  • Bring furry family members.Take the pets for a walk.
  • Make it a race! Walk, hike or bike your way to a fitter family.
  • Dig in! Work together in the garden to burn calories while you beautify your home.

Make sure to get out with your loved ones on Family Fitness Day — and every day — to get fit and spend some quality time together! 

Healthy and Happy

Studies show the healthiest families sit down together for meals prepared with fresh, nutritious foods. Get each morning off to a healthy start by making Reliv smoothies for the whole family. Let the kids pick their favorite flavor of Reliv Now® for Kids and blend with fruit and yogurt for a nutritious breakfast that will keep them focused in their classes. Mom and dad can fuel up with the essential daily nutrition of Reliv Now® or Reliv Classic®, boosted with the power of Innergize!® for increased energy and FibRestore® for digestive benefits. Reliv offers fitness fuel for the whole family!

Get fit as a family and enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle with Reliv. Order now.



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