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GlucAffect™ With LunaRich™

We Face A Health Crisis

Clinically Proven to help with Metabolic Syndrome

We face a health epidemic. Increasingly sedentary lifestyles and a modern diet high in calories, refined sugars, and saturated and trans fats have left millions of people at risk of obesity and elevated blood sugar.

But you have a new ally in the wellness war. Patented GlucAffect® is a groundbreaking nutritional approach to blood sugar management. A delicious cinnamon cream flavor and rapid dissolvability make GlucAffect the perfect addition to your morning coffee, afternoon tea or one of your daily Reliv shakes.

Don’t become another statistic. Get in control with GlucAffect.  

Clinically Proven

In an eight-week, placebo-controlled clinical study of 50 overweight individuals with elevated blood glucose levels, test subjects taking four daily servings of GlucAffect lowered their fasting blood glucose levels to healthy blood sugar values. In addition, those individuals taking GlucAffect lost an average of nearly 16 pounds during the eight-week period.

Nutrition Breakthrough

GlucAffect’s revolutionary formula brings together cutting-edge blood sugar management ingredients for the first time ever. And now this patented formula has added the cholesterol-lowering power of Reliv’s exclusive LunaRich™ soy powder. Ingredients have been formulated to work together for maximum results using amounts proven effective in clinical studies.

Pycnogenol®: powerful antioxidant derived from French maritime pine bark, shown to help lower elevated blood glucose levels and improve cardiovascular health.

Madeglucyl® (Eugenia Jambolana): patented ingredient derived from jambul plant seeds, proven effective in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels in pharmacological and clinical trials.

Silbinol® (Pterocarpus Marsupium Extract): concentrated extract from the Indian kino tree with antioxidant properties to help manage healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Glucohelp™: patented banaba tree extract with a high percentage of corosolic acid, which has been shown to support healthy glucose metabolism.

Salacia: plant extract shown in research to lower blood glucose, serum cholesterol and triglycerides while increasing HDL (“good” cholesterol) levels when consumed daily.

Omega-3 Fish Oils: fatty acids that help promote cardiovascular health and maintain optimum blood pressure and cholesterol levels, common challenges for individuals with elevated blood sugar.

Cinnamon: spice shown in studies to combat insulin resistance and improve hemoglobin levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

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GlucAffect – Product Reviews


For Angela Hosman of Surprise, Arizona, GlucAffect could not have arrived at a more critical time.

“My blood sugar levels were dangerously high, between 300 and 400, and the neuropathy in my feet had spread all the way to my knees,” Angela says. “My doctor informed me that, if I didn’t get my blood sugar under control, I would lose my legs by the time I was 35 — and that my only option was an insulin pump, a highly invasive procedure which I was desperate to avoid.”

Introduced to GlucAffect by her mother-in-law, Angela began taking the product “religiously” four times a day. “After six weeks on the product, my blood sugar had dropped to a normal range of between 80 and 100!” Angela states.

And that wasn’t the only thing that dropped during those six weeks. “I also lost 13 pounds,” she reports. “And, since I’ve started taking the Reliv basic nutrition, I’ve lost a total of 29 pounds — That’s 19 percent of my body weight! I feel absolutely awesome, and I’ve been told that the sparkle is back in my eyes.”

Angela and her husband now hope to have a baby some day. “I never thought I would be able to drastically change my life like this,” she says. “To me, GlucAffect is a miracle — I’ll never go without it!”


After 18 frustrating years of high, wildly fluctuating blood glucose numbers, type 2 diabetic Ray Doerr of Rochester Hills, Michigan, has discovered new hope in GlucAffect.

“For years there seemed to be no cause and effect between my blood glucose readings and what I ate, how much I slept or how I exercised,” says Ray, who recently retired after more than 39 years as an engineering and manufacturing manager for a U.S. automotive company.

Earlier this year, Ray started taking four daily servings of GlucAffect and Simplicity® mixed with water. In two months, he dropped 18 pounds and stabilized his blood sugar numbers at a healthy level for the first time.

“Thanks to these two products I feel like a new man,” Ray says. “I’m standing taller, walking straighter and I have more energy. Most importantly, I have developed a much more hopeful outlook on life.”


When Senior Directors Capt. Steven and Dee Ann Lucks of Idaho Falls, Idaho, first heard about Reliv GlucAffect, they literally cried for joy.

“Our daughter was diagnosed with diabetes at age nine, and has suffered from this chronic, debilitating disease for 12 years now,” Dee Ann states. “So we were honestly overwhelmed that Reliv had developed a product that could help her.

“Our daughter has what her doctor likes to call ‘Type III’ diabetes, because she has the symptoms of both Type I and Type II diabetes,” Dee Ann continues. “Type I, because her pancreas no longer produces insulin, and Type II, because she is insulin-resistant.”

On the morning that the Lucks’ daughter started on GlucAffect, her fasting blood sugar level was 292, well above the normal range of 70-to-100.

“Within eight days of taking four scoops of GlucAffect per day, her blood sugar had dropped to 151,” Dee Ann states. “Over the next six weeks, it dropped to as low as 63, with an average of 136!

“The clinic where her doctor works has been involved in diabetes research for the past ten years, and everyone there is very impressed with her results,” Dee Ann adds. “There is no other product out there that can do what GlucAffect does — it truly is ground-breaking.”


For more than 20 years, Judy Niemuth, 64, of Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, watched her mother battle diabetes and struggle with her health. Last October, at age 85, Judy’s mother passed away from a massive heart attack.

“I was emotionally and physically devastated,” Judy says. “I am also an overweight diabetic, so in addition to mourning for her, I was frustrated and worried about my own condition. But I realized I still had time to change my life.”

Judy started taking GlucAffect, and after five months says she has lost 30 pounds and watched her glucose levels plummet from an average daily level of 268 down to 115.

“I am ecstatic about these changes and I can only get better,” she says. “I am now taking Reliv essential nutrition with GlucAffect two or three times a day. I am convinced that if I stay on Reliv’s products and continue to lose weight, I will no longer be in harm’s way because of my diabetic condition. My goal is to maintain my diabetes the healthy way — the Reliv nutritional way. And I can’t wait to help others and tell the whole world about my success story. It truly has been a miracle for me!”


About a year ago, Brian Edelstein was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Brian, who lives in a Chicago suburb and works as a project manager in the printing industry, immediately changed the way he ate and stepped up his exercise program. He did everything his doctors advised.

When Reliv introduced GlucAffect last November, Brian’s brother, Alan, suggested that he try this new product to help further reduce his blood glucose levels.

“I thought I should try it if it was something that could help more,” remembers Brian. “So I started taking one scoop of GlucAffect every day with my morning coffee. Within a couple of weeks, my blood sugar levels began to dip.”

Motivated by those initial results, Brian began mixing Glucaffect with other basic Reliv products in regular morning and evening shakes. A recent blood test revealed that his A1C level had dropped from 6.5 to 6.0 since he began taking GlucAffect. Brian says he is sleeping better and has much more energy.

“It’s exciting to feel better and to talk to other people experiencing the same positive results,” adds Brian, who has since become a Master Affiliate. “I can’t say enough great things about this product!”


Don Braun, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, struggled with high blood sugar for years. A Type II diabetic, Don worked hard to keep his levels in an acceptable range. Any variation in his diet — a sandwich along with a salad at lunch — would send his levels way up.

In 2007, a friend introduced Don to Reliv. He began a regimen of several shakes a day, combining five different products and bringing his sugar levels down from a high of 399 to between 130-150 — and made his doctor happy. But when GlucAffect was unveiled, Don embraced the new product, ordering a couple of cases. Now his levels are steady in a healthy range of 110-125!

Don experienced two very interesting effects of GlucAffect. “One shake before bed, I sleep like a brick. But if I have a shake before I walk or exercise, I get a couple of hours of extra energy. I take four GlucAffect shakes a day, and I’ve cut down on my use of other products, so GlucAffect has really paid for itself.”

And, Don adds, “While I still watch my diet, that occasional sandwich does not send my blood sugar back up. And spiced apple tea, hot or cold, mixed with GlucAffect is delicious!”

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