Understanding the Difference between Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness understanding the difference

Understanding the Difference between Health and Fitness is Critical. The terms ‘health’ and ‘fitness’ are often used interchangeably, but there are important differences between them.

Fitness is a relative measure of physical performance compared to some form of standard. Fitness is measured in terms of measures such as how many push-ups or sit-ups you can do, how strong your legs are, how fast you can run a mile. Health is different. Health is to do with how well the various systems of the body function. These systems include the following:

Digestive – how successfully you absorb the nutrients you eat

Immune – how well you are able to ward off illness and disease

Lymph – how effectively your body carries away the toxins produced as your body tries to protect itself from damage by foreign materials

Adrenal – how reliably your body is able to manage and cope with stress

Nervous – how dependably your brain and nervous system communicate with the rest of your body

Musculoskeletal – how reasonably your muscles and bones function, allowing you to move and distribute energy as your body supports itself against gravity and participates in the physical world

It is possible for a person to be fit – able to run fast, lift an extraordinary amount of weight, and have big, bulging muscles – and not be healthy.

For example, if your liver is stressed, your immune system weak, and your adrenal glands exhausted, no matter how fit you are – no matter how many push-ups you can do, or sit-ups you can perform – your quality of life gets diminished. Your energy and vitality will waver, your body will ache, and you’ll function far below optimal efficiency.

If you want to spend time getting fit, then you will want to ensure you have a solid foundation on which to build. Optimal nutrition will also ensure that you maximize the return on the effort you put into your training and will also reduce your recovery time.

Everyone wants to get the best return for the effort they put in and premium quality optimal nutrition will pay big dividends in maximizing both your health and your fitness. Reliv takes the guesswork out of good nutrition. Add some to your diet today!

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