Introducing Reliv Now with LunaRich

LunaRich in Reliv Now

It’s official: Reliv Now®, one of Reliv’s essential nutrition formulas, is the first product to contain Reliv’s exclusive LunaRich™ soy powder.

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Dr. Carl Hastings made the announcement today at a special presentation preceding National Conference in Reno. “We’ve always strived to keep Reliv Now on the cutting edge,” Dr. Carl said “Over the years we’ve added advanced ingredients like Pycnogenol® and made other enhancements. But LunaRich is significant for two reasons: it’s an incredibly beneficial ingredient and you can get it only from Reliv.”

LunaRich contains five to ten times the amount of lunasin as ordinary soy powders. Lunasin is a naturally occurring peptide responsible for many of soy’s documented health benefits, including cholesterol reduction.

Dr. Alfredo Galvez, the research scientist who originally discovered the lunasin peptide in 1996, was on hand to participate in the launch. “It is extremely gratifying to see years of research come together in such an extraordinary product,” Dr. Galvez said. “I look forward to learning how Reliv Now with LunaRich benefits people around the world.”

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