LunaRich Q & A with Dr. Carl Hastings and Dr. Alfredo Galvez

Ask the Doctors about Lunasin and the health benefits

When you’re interested in nutrition and giving your body the best nutrients available, you can have a lot of questions. We passed along our most frequently asked LunaRich questions to Dr. Carl Hastings and Dr. Alfredo Galvez and compiled their answers here.

1. Reliv has always touted the bioavailability of its shakes, so how do LunaRich X™ capsules fit into a Reliv regimen? Are they as bioavailable?

Preserving the bioavailability of the lunasin peptide was an essential element in developing the lunasin technology in LunaRich® and LunaRich X™. Most dietary peptides are deactivated before they can be absorbed in the small intestine. Producing a bioavailable form of the lunasin peptide was the central challenge faced by Dr. Galvez and his team in creating a commercial form of lunasin. Research confirms that the lunasin in LunaRich and LunaRich X are bioavailable, whether ingested as a single ingredient or as part of a formula.

The full bioavailability of many micronutrients is co-dependent on the presence of other dietary compounds. For example, vitamin D promotes calcium absorption and therefore combining these ingredients into a single product enhances the bioavailability of the individual nutrients. Lunasin may also work synergistically with other micronutrients to boost their absorption and health benefits, so it has been incorporated into several of Reliv’s powder formulas.

However, the LunaRich X capsules were developed as a separate product to give consumers greater flexibility to adjust their level of LunaRich without compromising bioavailability. Understanding nutritional epigenetics requires that we shift away from the idea of “one-size-fits-all” nutrition. Each individual has a unique genetic identity that will respond differently to dietary influences. The LunaRich X capsules allow consumer to customize their Reliv program, based on individual results.

Research shows that the lunasin taken in capsule form in LunaRich X is effectively absorbed by the body. Reliv remains committed to our powder formulas and the bioavailability benefits of this delivery method. And if you choose, the LunaRich X powder inside the capsules can be incorporated into any shake recipe by opening the capsule and pouring the contents into the cup with the other ingredients.

2. If lunasin has a positive effect on the epigenetic level, does it mean that the good changes will be passed from generation to generation?

Ongoing research seeks to prove that epigenetic marks laid down in a person’s lifetime can be passed on to subsequent generations in a process called trans-generational inheritance. This phenomenon has already been observed in plants and lower forms of animals such as fruit flies, nematodes and mice through the process of paramutation and genomic imprinting. Research is also seeking to better define epigenetic “windows of opportunity” with regards to trans-generational inheritance of epigenetic marks, including key developmental phases such as pre-conception, pregnancy, infancy and adolescence.

Trans-generational epigenetics is a rapidly evolving research area that is reinforcing the importance of the nutrition and lifestyle choices of teens and young adults. Good health and optimal nutrition are your best option to living your best life and ensuring your offspring inherit the best genetics possible.

3. How effective are the capsules by themselves? If people prefer to just take the capsules, will they still see benefits?

A growing body of research demonstrates the effects of lunasin by itself. That means 60+ studies support the benefits of LunaRich X capsules. However, research also shows lunasin’s ability to work with other nutrients. Lunasin interacts with other nutrients, each with its own effect on genes and physiological pathways. When you optimize these pathways with different bioactive nutrients, you optimize your health as well.

For example, Reliv Now® combines LunaRich with a balanced array of protein, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants.  The LunaRich Super Pack couples Reliv Now with LunaRich X, the world’s most concentrated form of bioactive lunasin.  Together they provide optimal health today and smart prevention for tomorrow. LunaRich X amplifies the health benefits of the ingredients in Reliv Now and the healthy foods that are part of your regular diet.

4. What do I tell someone who says they just eat soy beans, tofu, soy milk and other soy products to get their lunasin? Why do they need to supplement with our products?

Not all soy preparations contain effective levels of bioactive lunasin. In fact some may contain lunasin that when ingested becomes inactivated and non-functional. Each serving of LunaRich soy powder and LunaRich X contains the equivalent amount of bioactive lunasin that can be found in 25 grams of high-quality, industry-standard soy protein isolate, the daily amount identified by the Food and Drug Administration to help reduce the risk of heart disease. This means that you are assured of getting a healthy amount of bioactive lunasin in your body when you consume Reliv’s LunaRich products. In addition, our soy protein is non-GMO.

5. Is there a recommended number of servings of LunaRich to take daily?

We have formulated all LunaRich products so that they each contain the bioactive lunasin equivalent of 25 grams of soy protein, so it’s easy for you to determine how much you’re taking. Documented benefits prove that the lunasin in one serving of LunaRich supports heart health, cholesterol management, inflammation reduction, antioxidant benefits, improved immunity and overall cellular health. Studies also show that increasing the amount of lunasin you consume increases the health benefits you receive. How much you should take depends on your lifestyle. You determine your own LunaRich regimen.

We recommend two capsules and a scoop of Reliv Now (as available in our LunaRich Super Pack) for adults starting on a Reliv regimen. You can build from there. You might find that you benefit from adding more Reliv products as well. If you’re working out, ProVantage® might be right for you. If you’re managing the risks of metabolic syndrome, GlucAffect® would be good to add your Reliv regimen.

Everyone’s nutritional needs are different, but you can be confident that Reliv’s essential daily nutrition with an added boost of lunasin is a winning combination for anyone.

This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. Reliv products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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