Lunasin: Anti-cancer Research

Anti-cancer Fighting Properties of Lunasin

You control your health more than you think. Your DNA blueprint is just the starting point. There is a higher level called the epigenome that determines how your genes are expressed. “As scientists discover more about the “epigenome,” a layer of biochemical reactions that turns genes on and off, they’re finding that it plays a big part in health and heredity.”

The epigenome changes as we age and interact with our environment. However, unlike unwanted changes in the genome, which we call mutations and are permanent, those changes to the epigenome can be reversed so as to promote optimal functioning of the cell. Research is now revealing that good eating and lifestyle habits, along with supplementation with natural bioactive agents have the ability to promote those changes in the epigenome that can lead to healthier cells.

Dr. Alfredo Galvez discovered lunasin by accident 16 years ago. One of the important observations that he made through many hours of looking through the microscope was that lunasin can attach itself to the epigenome and, as a result, can increase expression of important genes needed for normal functioning of the cell and protect the cells from environmental damage once it occurs. That’s how lunasin has both maintenance and preventive roles in the cell. It maintains optimal functioning of the epigenome and prevents unwanted changes that can eventually lead to chronic diseases.

Lunasin Research:

The documented anti-cancer activity of the peptide lunasin shows it is able to keep cancer-related genes switched off. It has a cancer-preventing property and is linked with tumor suppression and inducing cancer cell death in highly metastatic human colon cancer cells. It blocks receptors and new blood vessels can’t form and prevents cancer from spreading. Prostate and breast cancer results are very exciting also. Lunasin also has LDL (bad) cholesterol-lowering effects like statin drugs, but without the debilitating side effects.

Reliv International working directly with Dr. Galvez and the Missouri Plant Science Center developed LunaRich™ the first soy powder to fully harness the power of this amazing discovery — with five to ten times the amount of lunasin found in ordinary soy powders. Not only does LunaRich deliver more lunasin, it also makes that lunasin more bioavailable for the body to use.

Bob Wright, author of “Killing Cancer, Not People” calls Reliv “Extreme Nutrition” for GOOD reason: Bioavailability, Synergy, Optimum Nutrient Levels and Guarantee Quality and Reliv is also recommended by the American Anti-Cancer Institute.

Whether you are looking for prevention or dealing with a health issue, Reliv products are giving people hope again, where many times there is none!

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Reliv products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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