LunaRich Products contain the purest form of Lunasin

Reliv Products with LunaRich® optimizes bioactive lunasin more than any other source available today. Our exclusive line of LunaRich products are only available through an Independent Reliv Distributor and we have been helping others around the world for over 12 years now.

For more than 28 years, Reliv has stood for quality nutrition — and an uncompromising commitment to producing the safest, purest and most effective nutritional products available. In fact, our manufacturing standards exceed those of some of the strictest regulatory agencies in the world. It’s all part of something we call –The Reliv Difference.

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LunaRich X ™: Lunasin Extract

LunaRich Products - LunaRich X the purest form of lunasin

Lunasin a naturally occurring soy peptide is the first ingredient identified to promote optimal health at the epigenetic level. LunaRich X is made from non-GMO soy and is the purest, most concentrated form of lunasin ever produced.

Reliv Now®

LunaRich Products - Reliv Now with LunaRich

Reliv Now is built on the latest findings in nutrition science. Loaded with protein, vitamins, minerals and super-powered antioxidants.


ProVantage with LunaRich

This patented formula delivers 13 grams of muscle-building non-GMO soy protein, plus other advanced ingredients like Tonalin®, MCTs, Creatine, CoQ10 and supercharged amino acids.

Reliv Now® for Kids

Reliv Now for Kids

Reliv Now for Kids can help your family bridge the nutritional gap. Essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients give growing bodies what they need to thrive.


SoySentials with LunaRich

A unique blend of soy protein, potent antioxidants, probiotics and herbs gives you an unparalleled nutritional approach to women’s health.

Slimplicity® Meal Replacement

Slimplicity with LunaRich

A satisfying, delicious and chock-full of the powerful ingredients you need to boost metabolism and fuel your body throughout the day.


GlucAffect with LunaRich

Patented GlucAffect® is a groundbreaking nutritional approach to blood sugar management.