Move to the Beat for Better Workout Results

Tunes may be the best way to tune up — and tone up — your body.
One recent study shows listening to the right music while exercising can increase your physical endurance by 15 percent. Music also helps you feel more positive, even when you’re working out close to physical exhaustion. Thanks to the musical distraction, you’re able to push yourself harder and longer.
Another study showed people were able to walk farther and with less effort when exercising to music as compared to no music. Music tends to make you work harder without realizing it. And the workout is more fun and seems to go faster, so you’re more likely to exercise longer and more frequently. Both of these are keys to weight loss.
Music Boosts Consistency


A study in 2005 also supports this. The study found that listening to music while exercising boosted participants’ weight loss and helped exercisers stay consistent.
Through the study, researchers tracked a group of overweight or obese women while they dieted, exercised, and met in weekly group sessions promoting lifestyle changes. Half the women were given CD players and told to listen to the music of their choice while they walked.
The results: All participants lost weight, but those who listened to music while they walked lost more weight and body fat. The music listeners were also more consistent with their exercise. In short, music made it easier to stick to exercising so weight loss was a natural consequence.
When choosing workout music, save the slower music for warming up and cooling down. To pump up your workout, look for up-tempo music with a steady beat. Dance music is a good choice. While music is a motivating workout partner, be careful when listening to headphones, especially if you’re walking or running on public streets or at nighttime. You need to be able to hear cars or other hazards.
Choose Another Powerful Partner


Another great workout partner is the Reliv Slimplicity® Weight Loss System. A delicious Slimplicity meal-replacement shake fuels you with essential nutrients, while the complementing Accelerator capsules boost energy, burn fat and control your appetite. With the Slimplicity Starter Kit, you’ll also get a handy pedometer to encourage walking, and a food and exercise journal. The one-two punch of musical exercise and Slimplicity creates a powerful combination to help you reach your weight loss goals faster.
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