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Exciting Breakthrough: LunaRich and Lunasin

Recent studies show lunasin — a naturally occurring peptide found in soy — is the nutritional “magic” behind many of soy’s remarkable health benefits, especially cholesterol management. LunaRich™, a breakthrough non-GMO soy powder exclusive to Reliv, delivers five to ten times as much bioactive lunasin as ordinary soy powder.

Reliv has partnered with Soy Labs and the Missouri Plant Science Center (MPSC) and through this partnership, Reliv can now direct the entire production process — from seed to can — to deliver a nutritional supplement of unparalleled quality, purity and potency.

Numerous studies demonstrate lunasin’s superior support for cancer-preventive effects, cardiovascular health, significant anti-inflammatory properties, anti-aging, and skin health.

Soy is the foundation of several Reliv nutrition shakes. Yet it’s important to recognize that soy is just one important part of a total package. Soy supplements alone offer an array of benefits ranging from menopause relief to disease prevention and weight loss. But it’s the additional ingredients that work synergistically to make soy such a powerhouse in Reliv products.

Get your Daily 25!

When it comes to soy, both quantity and quality are important. Research shows 25 grams a day of soy protein with isoflavones can tap into soy’s amazing health-enhancing potential. Getting your “daily 25” is easy with the help of Reliv’s wide array of nutritional supplements that offer significant amounts of soy per serving:

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