Reliv Classic®

Feel Your Best through optimal nutritionFeel Your Best  through optimal nutrition

When it comes to your body, never settle for less than the best. Isn’t your health worth more than just another multivitamin pill? With a synergistic blend of healthy soy protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and select herbs, you can be confident you’re getting the best nutrition available from every scoop of Reliv Classic.


Unlike some discount vitamins, Reliv Classic is produced at our facility in the U.S. in near-pharmaceutical manufacturing conditions.


The nutritional ingredients in Reliv Classic are backed by 20+ years of proven scientific research.


Ingredients undergo stringent purity testing before and after going into Reliv Classic to deliver superior potency in every can.

Classic Beginnings: 

Pioneering microbiologist Dr. Theodore Kalogris (“Dr. Ted”) spent more than a decade developing a special nutritional blend which would become the foundation for Reliv Classic. Soon after Reliv was launched in 1988, renowned food scientist and soy expert Dr. Carl Hastings joined the company and worked with Dr. Ted to fine-tune the formula. The duo produced a bioavailable shake with the most complete balance of herbs, vitamins and amino acids.

After more than 20 years, Reliv Classic remains one of the world’s premier nutritional supplements.

Reliv Product GuaranteeProven Effective: A daily regimen of Relìv Classic and Innergize!® may help relieve radiation fatigue in cancer patients. View Study     

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Reliv Now – Product Reviews


Tammy and Jason Artz of Aberdeen, South Dakota, have seen remarkable health changes in their family because of Reliv Now and other Reliv products. Jason suffered terrible headaches, as well as back and leg pain. Within a month of starting Reliv, his headaches and joint pain improved dramatically. Tammy’s children have had remarkable results as well with attention and behavior challenges. “Within weeks,” Tammy says, “their difficult behaviors greatly improved.” As for Tammy, after five very difficult pregnancies she made Reliv a key part of her prenatal care. She saw her energy levels soar and never once went to the hospital until it was time to deliver. “I didn’t know pregnancy could be like that!”


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