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Performance Hydration for your active lifestyle

Beyond Hydration

Beyond Hydration for your active lifestyleWe know hydration is vital to athletic performance. Dehydration can lead to physical fatigue, muscle cramps and even impaired mental function.

Studies show the benefits of isotonic sports drinks go beyond simple hydration. In fact, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends a carbohydrate-based sports beverage throughout strenuous exercise to provide sustained power, replace energy and ensure rapid muscle recovery. Patented Innergize!® performs better than water alone, replacing electrolytes and other key nutrients lost during exercise.

Still think plain water is enough?

Peak Performance

Innergize! provides your body with the combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids it needs to stay in top form. It’s the perfect complement to your active lifestyle. With Innergize!, you can excel — on or off the playing field!

At the gym. Keep yourself running with a bottle of Innergize! on the treadmill to replace electrolytes critical to endurance.

On the field. Hit a home run when you fill the water cooler with Innergize! to give the little league team an extra advantage.

In hot weather. Combat dehydration and overheating when you’re mowing the lawn in the summer sun.

For everyday energy. Enjoy Innergize! daily for a refreshing way to keep you going through work and errands all week long. With two delicious options — orange or lemon — there’s a flavor you’re sure to love!

Powerful Ingredients

Distinctive, advanced ingredients mean Innergize! stands out in a crowd of sports beverages.

ChromeMate®: plays a vital role in energy production, muscle development and metabolism.

OptiZinc®: helps repair muscle damage and speed recovery after workouts while strengthening immune system.

L-Carnitine & L-Glutamine: help burn fat, promote lean muscle development and transport fatty acids to release more energy.

Potassium & Sodium: support muscle exertion without cramping and perspiration without salt depletion.

Studies show the ingredients ChromeMate and OptiZinc in Innergize! are more readily absorbed and retained compared to other chromium and zinc supplements.


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A study shows that a daily regimen of Relìv Classic and Innergize!® may help relieve radiation fatigue in cancer patients.  View study


Innergize – Product Reviews


Innergize! gives me the hydration and electrolytes I need to perform my best. I drank Innergize! during my half Ironman and it kept me steady throughout all 70.3 miles of swimming, biking and running!” ~ Robin Allsopp, Basking Ridge, NJ


Julie Waterman, of North Yarmouth, Maine, is back on track after a long slump. “I was tired all the time,” she says. “I took naps every afternoon. And I couldn’t think clearly — it was a brain fog.” Julie also suffered with hip and shoulder pain. “My mother said it was old age, get used to it. Yikes! In my 40s? But within three weeks of starting on Reliv Now® and Innergize!®, my energy level went way up — no more naps! In three months my pain eased considerably. Now, I operate my Reliv business; I’m a fitness instructor and an interior decorator; I have the energy to volunteer at my church and most importantly, to spend time with my kids.”


“I have the energy I need for long workouts and the ability to recover quickly. My daily shakes include Reliv Classic®, Innergize!®, ProVantage and Arthaffect®, and I like a shot of 24K™ before workouts. My plan is to work harder than everybody else and beat them out for a spot. Reliv nutrition is helping to make it happen.” ~ Denzell Dotson, All-State offensive lineman, Glendale, AZ


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