Reliv Introduces Breakthrough Approach to Optimal Kids’ Nutrition

Reliv Kids Now with LunaRichLunaRich soy powder delivers over five times key bioactive component

The most advanced nutritional formula for children just moved up a grade. Reliv Now® for Kids has added LunaRich™ healthy soy powder!

Reliv Now for Kids goes beyond ordinary children’s nutritional supplements to deliver key nutrients essential to the development of a child’s brain, eyes and nervous system. And with the addition of LunaRich healthy soy powder, Reliv Now for Kids is better than ever for children’s health.

What They Need

Nutrition is one of the biggest factors in healthy development. Research shows inadequate nutrition in childhood hinders growth, leads to poor grades and increases susceptibility to illness. Unfortunately, the modern child’s diet includes many over-processed foods. Today’s kids rarely get the complete array of vitamins, minerals, protein and micronutrients necessary to reach their full potential.

Nutrition experts have long recognized soy as an ideal source of low-calorie protein for a child’s diet. Soy also contains many other nutrients essential for healthy growth and development. Studies of children who consume soy demonstrate this superfood’s ability to ease constipation, lower high cholesterol, promote overall wellness and decrease risk of chronic diseases later in life.

Second Line of Defense

LunaRich is a Reliv-exclusive healthy soy powder that contains five to ten times the bioactive lunasin of ordinary soy powders. Lunasin is a naturally occurring peptide clinical studies have identified as the key to soy’s many health benefits.

Lunasin’s effectiveness comes from its ability to promote optimal cell health. Lunasin provides a second line of defense against cellular damage when the body’s initial defenses are depleted. Here’s how it works:

Lunasin nourishes – provides the nutritional fuel to promote optimal expression of genes required for normal cell function.

Lunasin protects – reduces inflammation and cell damage caused by free radicals and other environmental hazards. Provides protection in two ways:

  1. Prevention. Activates the expression of genes that help reduce cell damage and prevents the expression of genes that can cause cell damage.
  2. Maintenance. Helps remove damaged cells from the body that may cause chronic health problems.

“Consuming LunaRich at an early age while the body is developing can maximize lunasin’s many benefits and lead to long-term, lasting benefits into adulthood,” said Dr. Alfredo Galvez, the renowned research scientist who discovered lunasin. “LunaRich works like a guardian angel to protect children’s cells.”

In addition to LunaRich, Reliv Now for Kids also delivers an array of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients not found in most children’s supplements.

“We developed Reliv Now for Kids as a way for parents to fill nutritional gaps — to ensure their children are getting the nutrients they need to thrive,” explains Reliv’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl Hastings. “With LunaRich, we’ve added a breakthrough approach to overall wellness you can’t get anywhere else. More than ever, Reliv Now for Kids stands as the premier children’s nutritional supplement.”

View a comparison of Reliv Now for Kids to a popular children’s supplement.


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