The Reliv LunaRich Opportunity

Who you are is written in both pen and pencil. Things written in pen you can’t change. That’s DNA. But things written in pencil you can. That’s epigenetics.

The Innovation: A New Dimension in Wellness

Every cell in your body, from your brain to your toenails, contains the same DNA, or genome. So what makes different cells perform different functions? The answer lies in your epigenome, a higher level of complexity within the cell.

The epigenome consists of DNA packaging material that signals your genome which genes to turn on and off. It determines both cell function and how well each cell performs its function. Good lifestyle choices, such as a healthy diet and exercise, turn healthy genes on and unhealthy genes off. While bad choices do just the opposite and can lead to serious health problems.

A Game-Changing Discovery
The soy peptide lunasin is the first nutritional compound identified to affect gene expression and promote optimal health at the epigenetic level. 50+ published papers from 25+ research institutions have demonstrated lunasin’s ability to support:

•  Cholesterol management

•  Inflammation reduction

•  Antioxidant benefits

•  Improved immunity

•  Overall cellular health

•  And the list keeps growing…

A Nutritional Breakthrough
Patented LunaRich® from Reliv is the only nutritional ingredient to fully harness the health-boosting power of lunasin.

1.  Source: non-GMO soybean varieties with the highest concentration of lunasin


2.  Process: proprietary manufacturing technologies that maintain the lunasin’s bioactivity


3.  Product: maximum lunasin for maximum benefits and a product line unlike anything else available today


The LunaRich Opportunity

Why Reliv?
Reliv is a publicly traded company with a solid, 25-year track record. In 2013 Reliv acquired exclusive rights to the lunasin used in LunaRich. So Reliv gives you the best of both worlds: a proven company with the latest technology.

Lunasin is found naturally in seed-bearing plants, but no other source on the market comes close to the concentration, potency and bioavailability of the lunasin in LunaRich. Reliv is way ahead of the curve in realizing the potential of this clinically proven superfood.

Why now?
The science of epigenetics is now hitting the mainstream, and nutritional epigenetics will soon follow. In an era when preventive health care is exploding, the idea that you can help direct your

DNA naturally through nutrition holds the potential for mass appeal. No other products are poised to fill this market need like Reliv’s LunaRich line.

Why me?
Reliv offers you a simple and proven path to entrepreneurship, whether for supplemental income or a whole new career.

•   Exclusive, proven products

•   Target market: everyone

•   Low start-up costs

•   Money-back guarantee

•   Built-in manufacturing, marketing, distribution, customer service and more

•   Successful Reliv Distributors with a vested interest in helping you succeed

•   The opportunity to earn residual income for life.

Reliv provides what people need most — better health and the opportunity for financial security and personal freedom.

The opportunity is real, it’s here, and it’s yours for the taking.



Article put together by Reliv.

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