Slimplicity® Meal Replacement

the weight is over with Slimplicity


With Slimplicity you feel great while you lose weight.

Drop pounds the safe and healthy way Slimplicity shakes are satisfying, delicious and chock-full of the powerful ingredients you need to boost metabolism and charge through your day. A Slimplicity shake also contains the right balance of vitamins, minerals and protein to keep your body running in optimal condition and LunaRich soy powder works at the epigenetic level in your cells to promote healthy gene expression.


In fact, a study in the Journal of Nutrition found that meal replacement shakes are equally effective for losing weight compared with conventional, structured weight-loss diets.

So the choice is simple. Combined with a more active lifestyle and smarter eating habits, Slimplicity gives you the incredible advantage you’ve been looking for to win the weight war. Taste victory!

break for a shake

The clock says noon and your tummy is rumbling. Hungry and time-crunched, it’s tempting to dash out to the closest drive-thru for the deadly duo — a burger and fries.

But lunchtime doesn’t have to be a drive-by assault on your waistline. Lunch is an ideal time to have your Slimplicity shake since it provides you with something fast, nutritious and filling. You’ll look forward to drinking one each day. Especially as you see the results in the mirror. That’s the beauty of Slimplicity.

what’s at work?

Take a closer look at a few of the powerful ingredients:
10 grams of protein (from whole soybean powder: non GMO) — keeps you feeling full so you’re not hungry an hour after lunch.

Advantra Z® — supports fat burning with exercise and increases your metabolism without affecting blood pressure or heart rate. So you’re ramping up fat loss jitter-free.

Tonalin® conjugated linolic acid (CLA) — speeds fat metabolism and studies show it can help you  maintain weight loss once you reach your goal.

Plus: Inulin (FOS), L-carnitine, ChromeMate®, CitriMax®, OptiZinc®, and essential vitamins and minerals.

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Slimplicity – Product Reviews

“With Slimplicity, I lost 30 pounds and am down five sizes! I have more energy, am more active and can look after my family and operate my Reliv business more effectively. Now people look at me and want to know my secret. There’s no secret — it’s Slimplicity!” ~ María Fraire, Dalton, GA


At 5’10”, Audra Goldstick of Dayton, Ohio, could easily carry the extra 60 pounds she had accumulated through her mid-30s. And, eight years on Reliv products and a commitment to yoga and martial arts kept her energy level high. “My downfall was poor eating habits,” she explains. “Like many people, I would eat too much and not the right things. As I entered my 30s, I seemed to gain weight much quicker.”

When Audra learned about the Slimplicity® Weight Loss System last year, she put her order in right away. “I was excited to give it a try,” she says. “But the results have been so much more than I imagined.”

Audra set her sights on losing about 25 pounds. She was surprised when she reached that goal and kept losing. “I went from a size 20 to a size 8 in nine months on Slimplicity. The best part is, I never felt deprived. “I am now the size that I was when I was in my teens,” she adds. “I’m wearing trendier clothes, eating healthier, consuming smaller portions and feeling more confident than I have in years.”


For Rebecca Carriere of North Carolina, Slimplicity® has been about one thing — health. She started taking Reliv in 2003 for help with joint and muscle pain, allergies and sinus problems and enjoyed great results.

In February 2007, Reliv introduced Slimplicity and Rebecca once again saw a huge positive impact on her health. “I’ve lost 66 pounds and 37 inches in just over a year! I’m able to do so many simple things now that I couldn’t do before — like climb a ladder!”

She’s even begun exercising because of Slimplicity, and that’s boosted her energy even more. “My goal is 10,000 steps a day — I’m working hard on that goal,” she says. “I’m up to 7,000 already, and I plan on losing 25 more pounds.”

Even though Rebecca was sidelined with the flu this winter and couldn’t exercise, “I didn’t gain back a single pound!” she says. “I’ve stopped being hungry all the time, so I’m simply eating less.”


“I’ve lost 50 pounds and counting. Weight loss felt impossible before I discovered Reliv’s Slimplicity. Now, I can lose weight and keep it off.”~Maxine Scott, Witchita,KS


“After stepping on the scale at 300 lbs, I knew I needed to make drastic changes.I changed my mindset, my diet, started working out, and ordered Slimplicity. By the end of March, I was down to 230 lbs.In one year, I’ve lost 120 pounds, met my goal, and I’m focused on staying fit for the long run. Now I spend my time trying to help others achieve optimal health.”~Milo Miller,Columbus,OH


Christiana Kergosien of Nashville, Tennessee, has undergone a remarkable turn-around thanks to Reliv’s Slimplicity® Weight Loss System. “Three years ago, I was introduced to Reliv by my sister,” Christiana says. “I saw the difference in her, and in my first month on the products I was getting great results — I sailed right through the fall allergy season!

“After seven months on the products, I saw improvement in all sorts of female concerns,” Christiana adds. So when Slimplicity was introduced in February 2007, she decided to try the system to deal with the weight issues she’d had since college.

“I lost five pounds in the first three weeks and over eight months, I lost forty-two pounds, twelve inches off my waist and went from a size sixteen to a size 6!” she exclaims. “It was just amazing.”

Now Christiana feels like a completely different person. “My self-confidence is high,” she reports. “I feel younger, healthier and more vibrant than I ever have. I’m running faster and longer — two to three miles every day — not bad for someone who was an emotional couch potato. And my food cravings have disappeared.”

In December, Christiana left on a six-month mission trip to Africa for her church. “I have no concerns about potential health issues there because I am in such vibrant health, thanks to Slimplicity and Reliv,” she says. “I’m a different person and I love it!”


“Mark and I have been traveling a lot and had no trouble sticking with our program. I lost six pounds the first month and several inches — I’m down at least one dress size!

Mark has lost over 12 pounds and several inches — he’s swimming in his clothes. For both of us, it’s been effortless. Slimplicity fits right into our lifestyle. We feel great!”

Chris Toriello and Mark Gauger, North Yarmouth, ME


“I’ve lost 18 pounds and a total of 15 inches and 7 percent body fat! I’m extremely excited and it has been the easiest weight I have ever lost. Slimplicity gave me the motivation to start working out again. I feel fabulous because I can see my curves again and my muscles are toning quickly. I just can’t wait until I reach my goal weight. I had given up the dream that I would ever get there but NOW I can visualize being at my goal weight!” Lindsey Hostetler, Hayesville, KS


“The most amazing thing is that for my entire adult life, this is the first time that my every waking thought isn’t on food. I used to think about every meal, what’s next to eat, where is a little something sweet. It was consuming. With Slimplicity, I am now able to just get through my day, not be hungry at all, and am not compelled to snack or cheat or even think about food. To me, that is a great gift and a huge ‘weight’ lifted off me. I love this stuff!”  Anne Lafayette, Bartlett, IL


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