School’s Out, Summer Fun is in Session

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the pools are open. It’s summer! But as the school year comes to an end, parents know they’ll soon hear the pitter patter of little feet scampering through the house again. Or worse yet, “I’m bored!” Don’t worry. These tips will keep your little ones happy, healthy and entertained all summer long!

Get Growin’

Plant a garden. Homegrown produce saves you money and is less likely to have food safety issues. Kids will enjoy digging, watering and running outside each day to check on the progress.

Try this all summer long! Add your freshly grown fruits and veggies to a delicious Reliv smoothie! Get recipe ideas.

Get Thinkin’

School’s out, but you can still challenge your kids with some at-home critical thinking activities.

Try this at the pool! For those days when the kids wake you up and they’re already in their swimsuits, dive into hands-on experiments with H2O. Get together various objects from around the house, and ask kids to predict which ones will sink and which will float. Ask them why. Then toss them in!

Grab containers of various sizes and shapes and a measuring cup. Then ask kids how many cups they think each one will take to fill. These activities teach lessons in counting, measurement and the conservation of volume.

Try this on a rainy day! Mix half a box of cornstarch with enough water so the consistency should be like clay (not too powdery, but not too wet). Now pick up the goop and squeeze it – it’s crumbly. Hold it loosely – it oozes through your fingers. This teaches kids about various states of matter.

Get Cookin’

Ask your young one to be your sous chef for the day. Spending time together in the kitchen provides the perfect opportunity to talk about nutrition and how various types of foods contribute to our health, growth and overall well-being.

Try this in the kitchen! For a sweet snack, make homemade fudgesicles, adding a scoop of Chocolate Reliv Now® for Kids for a nutritional boost.

Get Shakin’

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For more summer fun, check out “That’s Kid Stuff” on Pinterest!

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