Snack Attack: 3 Healthy After School Ideas

Through the hustle and bustle of soccer practice, parent-teacher conferences and homework, making sure our kids are getting proper nutrition can be difficult. But easy, healthy after school snacks can be a great start.

Kids love chips and dip, but both are filled with needless calories and almost no nutritional value. Hummus is easy to make at home. Just blend chickpeas (garbanzo beans), garlic, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil — and let your kids dip to their hearts’ content. You can also add peppers, cilantro or any other veggie to make the recipe your very own.

Why It’s Good For Them! Chickpeas are naturally cholesterol-free, very low in sugar and have high amounts of vitamin B6, which aids your metabolism and your mood — for healthy, happy kids!

Fruit Gelatin
Gelatin is a fun snack for kids, and it’s easy to sneak extra nutrients into your next batch. Pick up 100 percent fruit juice with no added sugar and two boxes of unflavored gelatin. Just substitute juice instead of water in the recipe. If the juice is too tart, add a scoop of Relivables® All-Natural Sweetener. You can also add slices of your kids’ favorite fruits before letting the gelatin set. Voila — a more nutritious version of a classic wiggly treat!

Why It’s Good For Them! Kids love to eat with their hands, and replacing the flavoring in most gelatins with pure fruit juice is a great way to add nutrients without sacrificing the taste. Incorporating pieces of fruit in your recipe can also acclimate your kids to that fruit. Adding Relivables All-Natural® Sweetener is a great way to add some sweetness to any recipe without adding calories.

Fruit Smoothie
This is a snack and an activity you can enjoy with your kids. Head to your freezer and let the kids pick out their favorite fruits. Frozen strawberries, blueberries and mangos are all good choices. Add a splash of sugar-free orange juice or skim milk, a scoop of Reliv Now® for Kids, and blend. You can even disguise a few vegetables in the smoothie under the cover of the sweetness from the fruit.

Why It’s Good For Them! This is a great way to get your kids to eat more than one type of fruit or vegetable at a time. Letting them help makes them feel involved. Reliv Now® for Kids contains brain boosters like DHA and grape seed extract to get them ready to tackle their homework.

Enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle with Reliv. Order now.

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