The Reliv Difference

Walk through the vitamin aisle at any supermarket and you will find dozens of choices. From individual vitamin pills to multivitamins, the world of supplements can be complicated. With so many different choices available, how can you separate optimal nutrition from everything else?
It’s easy. Choose Reliv.
Bioavailability: More Than a Pill
The body can only use nutrients that it can readily absorb. And the faster a nutrient is broken down, the faster it will be absorbed. Unfortunately, most pills and capsules require the digestive system to break down a hard outer shell or coating before the nutrients can even be accessed. This is why many experts assert that liquid vitamins are better absorbed by the body. Liquids provide the body instant access to the nutrients they contain, providing greater benefit from each serving.
Do you have synergy on your side?
Many vitamins and minerals only perform at their best when combined with other nutrients. For example, you’ve probably heard that vitamin D is required for absorption of calcium. This is called synergism.
Antioxidant protection is also part of a complex system of many nutrients and phytonutrients working together. For example, vitamin C can enhance the absorption of iron. Vitamin C and phytoestrogen work together against plaque build-up in the arteries. Vitamin C, vitamin E and soy isoflavones are thought to contribute to lowering heart disease risk, but you need all of them for maximum effect. And the list goes on. This is why taking one type of vitamin may not be as effective as taking a supplement with multiple vitamins working together synergistically.
Optimal Nutrition: A Higher Standard
According to research, 70 percent of physicians and more than half of all US adults take a supplement for their health. In fact, since most people do not consume an adequate amount of vitamins through diet alone, the Journal of the American Medical Association advises adults take multivitamins to help prevent common chronic illnesses. But how much is enough? The Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) can be confusing for many consumers because it does not necessarily indicate optimal amounts, but rather the minimum needed to avoid short-term deficiency.
For example, the FDA recommends a minimum amount of 6 mcg of B-12 just to operate normally and avoid anemia caused by deficiency. But B vitamins do more than just help the body function normally. Vitamin B-12 has also been shown to provide preventive benefits against heart disease, stroke and some cancers. To provide optimal health benefits, Reliv Classic® and Reliv Now® essential nutrition products contain 18 mcg.
Quality Ingredients, Better Health
The FDA has the responsibility to take action against any unsafe dietary supplement. However, the FDA does not inspect manufacturing facilities outside of the US. With inadequate quality control and inspection, supplements imported from other countries can contain heavy metals, pesticides or prescription drugs. According to a report published by the FDA in 2011, China’s history of exporting dangerous supplements to the US dates back to the 1980s. Contaminants not listed on the label leave consumers at risk. In recent years, Canada and the US have seen an increase in mislabeled supplements that contain dangerous ingredients.
Nearly 200 products have been identified by the FDA as containing dangerous ingredients with adverse effects, including stroke, organ failure or even death. According to the Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports, these dangerous substances often pop up again after alerts are issued. US supplement manufacturers, on the other hand, are held to stricter regulations with regard to cleanliness, contamination and labeling. In addition, trade organizations such as the Council for Responsible Nutrition, of which Reliv’s Dr. Carl Hastings is a Board Member, hold member companies to much higher standards. Reliv goes beyond minimum requirements, manufacturing in near-pharmaceutical conditions that include a state-of-the-art air filtration system, protective clothing and thoroughly sanitized equipment. When it comes to purity, Reliv’s ingredients undergo rigorous microbiological testing when they first enter our plant, and again at each step in the manufacturing process, assuring that what’s on the label is always what’s in the can.
The Science of Reliv
The Reliv Difference is about taking complicated scientific subjects like bioavailability and synergism and making nutrition simple. From the unmatched formulas of our core products Reliv Classic and Reliv Now, to our revolutionary approach to blood sugar management with GlucAffect® and now a solution for the fatigue cycle with 24K — my team and I are focused on developing products that bring the latest nutritional research to you.
We’re committed to the science behind the Reliv Difference. In fact, our new partnership with the Missouri Plant Science Center is evidence of this commitment. The MPSC partnership will help us further explore the science that makes Reliv so special and develop more nutritional breakthroughs.
So leave the science to us, and rest easy knowing you can rely on the Reliv Difference.
To your health,
Reliv Vice Chairman & Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl W. Hastings
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