What are Appropriate Portions?

Portion Size

Understanding what the right portion size should look like is your ticket to better controlled eating and ultimately weight loss. Here are some smart strategies: Measure foods you eat often so you learn what a teaspoon of butter or one cup of cereal looks like, for example.

Remember, many items sold in one package are actually more than one serving. Read the food label. If it says two servings per package, be sure to double the calorie total listed.

To control calories, you have to know what the right portion size looks like for a single serving. Here are some examples:

3 oz. meat = deck of cards
1 oz. nuts = ping pong ball
1/2 cup cooked fruits/veggies = billiard ball
1 small potato = computer mouse
1 oz. cheese = pair of dice
2 Tbsp. peanut butter = two tea bags
1 tsp butter = tip of thumb to first joint
1 oz. chips = medium size handful
1 cup ice cream = baseball

Most main dish restaurant portions are diet disasters. When you go to a restaurant, ask for a to-go box along with your meal. Then put half your meal in it before you start eating.

You’ll get to enjoy a great meal twice!

At buffets, always use the salad plate to keep your portions under control. And of course, eat a salad before your meal to limit total calories.

If you must have a fast food burger and fries, order the kids meal. A smaller hamburger and fries is a more reasonable portion than anything super-sized! And if the restaurant offers “healthier sides” like apples or yogurt, choose that instead of fries.

Slimplicity® takes the guesswork out of meals. Just one shake for lunch and you’re set to go. Then use your Slimplicity food diary to track your other meals and portion sizes each day and watch the pounds melt off!

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