Because of Reliv: We Live Debt Free

Because of Reliv we Live Debt FreeWith a career in music and ministry, Dan and Fern Utz had been looking for additional income. They found Reliv. “Our Reliv business has been a lifesaver in an unstable economy,” Dan says. “The beauty of it is that we’re helping other people by sharing the hope that we have.”

He adds: “We have been able to live debt-free thanks to Reliv. I had heard about other opportunities over the years, but Reliv brings a steady paycheck and the gratification of knowing that we’re helping others.”

Owning a Reliv business provides additional, steady income and fits right in with the Utz’s ministry work. “Reliv is especially rewarding to me because it supports what we were already doing,” Dan says. “We bring hope through ministry, and with Reliv we provide another kind of hope: a practical solution for people in need of better health and finances.”

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