Because of Reliv: We Live Life on Our Own Terms

Bob and Ludy Furlong found Reliv 21 years ago. Bob was a fireman with two side jobs working 80-90 hours per week. “I was skeptical about Reliv,” Bob admits, “But Because of Reliv We Live Life on Our Own Termsthat disappeared when we made almost $25,000 in our first six months.”

Three years later, Bob quit his part-time jobs to help Ludy with the business. Then at age 52 he was able to retire from the fire department. “I would have missed the best 11 years of my life if I hadn’t gotten to retire,” Bob says.

The Furlongs’ son’s family recently settled in Charlotte, NC. Bob and Ludy bought a second home in Charlotte with their Reliv income so they could spend more time with their two grandchildren. “We’re at the phase where we want to be with these little ones while they’re little,” Bob says. “We still work our Reliv business, and are so thankful to have the finances and time to spend our time like we want to.”

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