From Surviving to Thriving: Mindy Jones Achieves Reliv Hall of Fame

Mindy Jones and her Reliv Experience

It’s shocking to hear Presidential Platinum Ambassador and new Hall of Fame member Mindy Jones say that she isn’t a natural salesperson. After all, she has achieved Reliv’s highest Distributor ranks, taken more than 100 Reliv trips and enjoys financial freedom she never thought possible.

Mindy exudes humility and gratitude as she talks about her journey to success, and always remembers the people who helped her along the way. “[Fellow Reliv Hall of Famer] Tom Pinnock introduced me to Reliv and trained and worked with me all those years ago,” she recalls. “One of the things Tom is incredible at is painting the picture of what is possible with Reliv. He gave me the confidence to start my business. He and countless other Reliv Distributors have inspired my success ever since.”

From the beginning her goal was clear: “I just wanted to come home and be a full-time mom to my daughter. Tom took a picture of my daughter and put it on his refrigerator and made that his goal too — to help me get home.”

Self-employed since age 25, Mindy owned a women’s clothing consignment shop, Glad Rags, in Atlanta and was living on her savings from a marketing company she previously owned. “Working for myself was important to me,” Mindy says. “But around the time my daughter was turning 4, I was looking for a way to make extra money because I was working 60 hours per week and I wanted to spend more time with her.”

Having the time to raise her only child, Sarah, was of paramount importance. Mindy was ready to make a life-changing decision.

Resolved to Succeed
“I started on the Reliv products to lose weight and have more energy. I was exhausted,” Mindy says. “I agreed to go to a Reliv presentation and hear the stories. I knew right away this was the right company for me.”

Within 11 months of becoming a Distributor, Mindy was earning a six-figure income and had reached Presidential Director. A year later she could focus on Reliv full time. “As if it was meant to be, someone offered to buy my store from me,” Mindy says. “It was time to take my Reliv business to the next level.”

Mindy sponsored an Australian man who had seen great results with a knee injury after taking Reliv products. He was eager to take Reliv back to his home country. Mindy became instrumental in setting up Reliv in Australia, the company’s first international market.

It’s All About Others
To build a big business, Mindy says the key is for Distributors to keep talking to new people and investing time with potential business builders: “You never know who your next superstar is going to be.”

She is quick to point out that the most important thing is to care. “You’ve got to learn what people want and what makes them tick,” she says. “It’s not about pushing sales on other people; it’s about connecting with them and figuring out what they want. Reliv has taught me that you’ve got to care about people.”

Taking Her Time
Mindy has taken over 100 trips on Reliv between conferences, special events and dozens of trips earned. “I filled up a passport and had to get another one because I had so many stamps!” she says.

In addition to official Reliv trips, Mindy has the freedom to travel to Norway to visit Sarah, now 27, and stay close to her daughter despite the miles. “When you don’t have a time clock and worry about a paycheck, you can do what is in your heart — just dust off your dreams and do whatever you want in life.”

Advice From a Woman Who Knows
How does a person who claims to have no sales expertise achieve such success in the direct selling business? “The main reason I got to the Hall of Fame is because I didn’t quit,” Mindy says. “If you eliminate the option of quitting, you’ll get there eventually.”

Looking ahead, Mindy plans to continue doing the same things that got her to where she is now. “I feel like we have a brand new company now with our acquisition of lunasin and our outstanding LunaRich® products,” Mindy says. “It’s the best time possible to build a Reliv business. I’m starting over again like I did 23 years ago. I want more people to have the lifestyle that I have and I’m ready to get to work!”

Mindy says that if success can happen for her, it can happen for anybody. “I have become somebody that I never thought I could become. Reliv is a personal growth opportunity wrapped around a business. All you need is a heart and a mouth. There are so many people out there who are just barely surviving, but through this business you can thrive.”

Sarah & Mindy Jones


“Having her around while I was growing up is irreplaceable. I understood this from a young age and knew that my Mom was working for my benefit.  I think this created a mutual respect between us which has turned in to a lifetime of friendship.”- Sarah Jones



Tom Pinnock Shares his feelings about Mindy Jones


“Mindy built her business with her heart, home and hospitality. She is one of the greatest people I have ever known and I’m proud to be her friend. In the beginning, Mindy was scared to speak in public but now she owns the stage.”- Tom Pinnock



Sherrie Selman shares her feelings about Mindy Jones


“Mindy lives her life intentionally and out of that enthusiasm for life flows her optimism, compassion, and a genuine heart that is dedicated to serve, encourage and empower all who are fortunate enough to be a part of her life. It’s a privilege and an honor for me to walk through my Reliv career with such a dear friend and an awesome mentor.” – Sherri Selman


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