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What’s In Your Energy Shot?

Artificial Buzz. Real Withdrawal. Most energy beverages and shots rely on caffeine and sugar to create an artificial buzz. The problem is that these stimulants inevitably leave you feeling more exhausted than ever. We’ve all experienced…

Simple Steps To Optimize Your Health

What's the State of YOU? How do you feel today? Is your answer just… OK? You’re not sneezing or coughing. You’re not in pain. You’re just… there. Wouldn’t you rather answer an enthusiastic, “I feel great!”? Feeling energized…

5 Tips for Healthy Men

Many men avoid the doctor like, well, the plague. The stresses of work, family and money often leave men feeling less than macho at the end of the day. And cooking a healthy meal instead of grabbing fast food may not be a priority. Unfortunately,…

5 Steps to Better Women’s Health

Many women are notorious multi-taskers who function best with a list in hand. Yet often you’re left off your own “to-do” list while you care for everyone else. You’ve heard it before: To be able to better care for others, you must take…
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Age Gracefully With Quality Nutrition

Medicine has its roots in herbs and natural compounds. After all, botanicals were the original medications long before there was a pharmacy on every corner. In Europe, data overwhelmingly support botanical medicine’s effective­ness. Today,…
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Follow the Gold Standard for Stress Relief and Healthy Energy

<> Is stress derailing your ability to get things done in a day? Zapping your energy? Making your mind foggy? Beyond finding better ways to manage your stress, such as getting more sleep, exercising, and taking time to relax and…