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Arthaffect Nutritional Approach to Joint Health

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A Movement in Joint Health Our joints are the center of every move we make. But according to the CDC, more than 90 million Americans report some type of joint problem. These joint issues make it difficult to maintain an active lifestyle…
Around the World Tips on Handling Stress

Reliv Athlete Update: Greg James I was struck by an IED while serving my country and I thought that was the end. They flew me back to Bethesda Naval Hospital and my prognosis was grim. I went from 220 pounds down to 145 and spent…
Around the World Tips on Handling Stress

The Power of the Pomegranate

Throughout history, pomegranates have inspired artists, writers and countless cultures as a symbol of good fortune. Recently, clinical studies have revealed what good fortune this juicy, crowned fruit can offer you in addition to its unique…
Around the World Tips on Handling Stress

5 Stress Management Tips from Around the World

Pools are closing and leaves are falling: it’s Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Get back to work!” Many of us are dreading packing away our swimsuit for another three seasons and hauling out the cardigans and massive coats. For many,…
Around the World Tips on Handling Stress

Healthy Bones And Joints

Get Moving for Healthier Bones and Joints In addition to good nutrition, exercise is a vital part of good health. A regular, active lifestyle reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure, and it helps lower…