Garlic benefits

Spice up Your Health with Cayenne Pepper

No pain, no gain; at least when it comes to cayenne pepper, that is. Research has found that the cayenne pepper has several health benefits that can help give you a nutritional boost. The presence of an extraordinary substance known as capsaicin…
Garlic benefits

LunaRich – This Is BIG!

What is LunaRich? LunaRich is a whole soy powder cultivated from Reliv-dedicated soybeans. Soy Labs and the MPSC research partners identified soybean varieties for use in LunaRich with the highest possible levels of lunasin, a peptide found…
Garlic benefits

Good for You Garlic

It’s almost Halloween, and we know everyone is stocking up on garlic and wooden stakes for their protection against those night-walking vampires! On a serious note, garlic holds many other protective benefits. Garlic contains manganese, tryptophan,…