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Eating healthy is the cornerstone of good health. Unfortunately, most men are more likely to order a burger and fries than a vitamin-packed salad. In fact, to meet American dietary guidelines, men age 31-50 need to eat 350 percent more dark…

Fighting the Metabolic Syndrome Epidemic

Metabolic syndrome — a cluster of symptoms including high blood sugar, obesity and cardiovascular problems — has reached epidemic proportions. According to the American Heart Association, 47 million Americans now have metabolic syndrome.…

Weight Loss Hero – Ricky Browning

At 434 pounds, Ricky Browning was dangerously overweight. He struggled through the day with joint pain, breathing trouble and exhaustion due to his weight and low blood sugar. A year after beginning his weight loss journey, Ricky is now inspiring…
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Reliv Testimony – Peter Burkel

Name: Peter Burkel Hometown: Hobart, Wisconsin Gigs: Reliv, dairy farmer Activities: biking, weightlifting, snowmobiling, rollerblading and gardening Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now®, FibRestore®, GlucAffect®, Arthaffect®, ProVantage®,…

4 Surprising Reasons to Lose the Weight this Year

Unless you’ve been living in a bunker for the past decade, you’ve probably heard the news that obesity is now an epidemic. Sixty percent of Americans are overweight. But understanding health risks often isn’t enough to motivate people…