Don’t Be Spooked By Halloween Sweets

It's that time of the year again! Salty treats, sugary sweets and fattening eats are the main course for Halloween. But these foods can be terrifying to your healthy diet. Doesn't that give you the spooks? Even scarier is that childhood obesity…

Good News: Snacking is Good for You!

Here’s a breath of fresh air: It’s OK to snack, whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain weight or just get through the day! In fact, snacking between meals can keep your metabolism humming and your energy and mood steady. Of course,…

Snack Attack: 3 Healthy After School Ideas

Through the hustle and bustle of soccer practice, parent-teacher conferences and homework, making sure our kids are getting proper nutrition can be difficult. But easy, healthy after school snacks can be a great start. Hummus Kids love chips…