The Soy Solution for Better Womens Health

Help for Hot Flashes For years, studies have demonstrated the connection between soy and the easing of menopause symptoms, particularly hot flashes. But a recent analysis of 19 studies provides an even clearer picture of just what soy isoflavones…

Reliv Launches LunaRich™ Soy Powder

Recent studies show lunasin — a naturally occurring peptide found in soy — is the nutritional “magic” behind many of soy’s remarkable health benefits, especially cholesterol management. LunaRich™, a breakthrough soy powder exclusive…

The Benefits of Soy

FOR CENTURIES, soy has been a dietary staple in Asian countries. From a legume native to China, soy has evolved in past decades to become one of the world’s most widely recommended ingredients for its natural nutritional benefits. Soy is…