The science of healthy superfoods

Science & Health Today: Have Reliv Will Travel

By Reliv Product Marketing Specialist Tina Van Horn Staying Healthy While You Travel Many of you are getting excited about your summer travel plans, but here at Reliv we want to make sure you have a plan for staying healthy while you…
Taking Prevention Personally with Reliv Optimal Nutrition
Reliv Now Cutting Edge Nutrition

Reliv Now with LunaRich

Your healthy foundation is dependent on a base of good nutrition. You try to eat right, exercise regularly and maybe even take a multivitamin. Right now, you might feel pretty good. But why settle for pretty good when you can feel great? Reliv…
Ditching the Holiday Weight Gain

Say NO to Holiday Weight Gain

The giving and partying season have arrived! Christmas music rules the radio, wreaths dress our doors and Christmas trees glow through frosted windows. As families prepare for this year’s holiday season, kitchens everywhere will begin to…
Ditching the Holiday Weight Gain

Our Food Is Leaving Us Empty

by Tina Van Horn, Director of Research and Business Development at SL Technology, Inc., a Reliv Company Our Food Is Leaving Us Empty Food is not what it used to be. Several studies have shown a significant reduction in the micronutrient…
Ditching the Holiday Weight Gain

Nutrient Focus: Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are a popular topic in the world of nutrition, but many of us are still left confused despite the attention. What exactly are they? What do they do for our bodies? How do I get them? In spite of the questions we may have…