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In March of 2007, several members of our family of 13 were facing some severe health challenges. I was experiencing the full throes of pre-menopause symptoms (including the inability to think), one of our daughters was struggling with severe mood swings and bouts of depression, my husband had been diagnosed with type II diabetes the previous year, and our youngest son, Nathan, was facing the numerous challenges of cognitive delays, upper body muscle weakness, and severe speech delays that accompanied a seizure disorder.

 An Organic Garden

I was frustrated as I had made numerous efforts to keep my family healthy for many years. Farming is our main occupation, so we always had a large garden, and our meats came from animals, which were raised by ourselves or local farmers. We also belonged to a food coop, and purchased organic foods to supplement whatever we could not raise ourselves. As a registered nurse I knew intellectually that liquid nutritional supplementation was far superior to the vitamin pills I had been giving my family. I was praying for answers!

When a good friend introduced us to these Reliv products, I was skeptical. My background in nutritional studies kicked into gear as I studied the labels on the cans carefully. However, the wonderful health stories I heard from other people who were using these products gave me some hope! So I put all my fears aside and decided to try them.

Nathan is Now Seizure-Free

Since starting the products I now face menopause with a smile! The mood swings and down days are no longer issues for our daughter, as long as she drinks her shakes twice a day. My husband has seen improvements with his blood sugar management, as well as a reduction in his blood pressure. And, most wonderful of all, our son Nathan’s speech has improved significantly! His upper body strength has also improved dramatically, and we continue to see improvement in his cognitive skills as well. In addition, Nathan’s seizure medication was reduced twice in 2011, yet he has remained seizure-free since December 6th of 2009.

It is wonderful that this nutritional food science company has given us a way to pay for our family’s consumption of the products, just by sharing our results with others. And now, as my husband approaches retirement age, my goal is to build a home-based business which will help us financially as well. 

Our Income is Willable to Two Generations!

I love the fact that this residual income can be willed to my special needs son, so that I can be assured he will be taken care of after I am gone. And, best of all, my childhood dream of being able to help people with their health can now be more fully realized. We will be forever grateful for the blessings this company and these products have brought to our family’s life!

Theresa, Illinois


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