No More Nebulizers

This is one of the reasons I share Reliv with others. The life changing results people get with Reliv cutting-edge nutrition and the hope that it brings. So many health issues are related to our diet and environment and because our products work at the cellular level it provides multiple health benefits. Read Susie’s story below and see how Reliv has changed her life and her family’s lives.


Life Changing Results with Reliv

Susie (front row, second from left), a busy homeschooling mother of seven, works her home-based business around her family’s active schedule.

I was introduced to Reliv five years ago. Before that, five of our seven kids suffered from asthma. They were on inhalers, oral steroids, and nebulizers. When we were introduced to the products we were currently seeing a doctor from the University of Chicago. My daughter was being evaluated to see if we should give her a tracheotomy because her attacks were so severe that she would gasp for breath for 24 plus hours, even while taking her medicine.

Life-Changing Results

Well, within seven weeks of starting the products, my daughter had seen significant improvements. The doctor was amazed. He cut all her asthma medication in half and three weeks later, she was off all asthma medication. She was allergic to grass, trees, mold, and dust. We saw the same doctor four more times over a six-month period. The doctor said, “We can safely assume Alex no longer has asthma.” This was the greatest news a mother can hear! My other kids were weaned off their medication as well. They have been medication free for five years.

My Diabetes is Under Control

I personally dealt with Type II Diabetes, digestive problems, menstrual issues, and fibromyalgia. These issues are a thing of the past. Some of my children had issues with ADD/ADHD, migraine headaches, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

When we began these products, I only wanted help with our family’s health issues. As a result of people seeing how well the family was doing, a business was born. People wanted to know what we were doing differently. I said, “We’re making, shaking, and taking this stuff, and we’re all doing great.” People wanted what we had–good health. I now make $800-$1200 on average per month, by helping people learn about these products. My largest monthly paycheck was approximately $2,000. The most important thing to me in sharing these products with people is helping them and their families have the best health possible. It’s great to know every dollar I’ve earned has been the result of changing someone’s life for the better. I will never stop sharing these products!

Susie, Illinois


The statements contained in this material have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The personal testimonials shared reflect individual experiences and are not necessarily typical of the results you may obtain. Reliv products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As with any independent business, success as a Reliv Distributor requires a significant amount of hard work and dedication. The individuals featured in this material offer a glimpse into the lifestyle and economic benefits they are enjoying through the Reliv opportunity as a result of their own skills and personal effort. These stories are examples only and are not intended as averages or guarantees.

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