Our Reliv Journey

Hi, we are John and Nathalie Curtin, Independent Reliv Distributors and John and Nathalie's Reliv Storylive in Nevada. We have been blessed with 4 wonderful children and 8 grandkids. I have a background in IT management and Nathalie in banking.

We have a passion for helping others and started this blog so that we can help educate others in what great nutrition and exercise can do for your health. And to share cutting-edge nutrition that Reliv International has to offer. Today, many of us don’t eat right and even if we try to, many of the foods today don’t have the same amount of nutrients as they did years ago. Because of that and along with our sedentary lifestyles we are in a global health crisis.

We were searching for both financial and family freedom and believe we have found it with a company called Reliv International.  Our journey with Reliv began in 2004 in the Atlanta, GA area. I was an IT Director and my wife Nathalie worked as a Bank Manager. Both of us were frustrated with our corporate careers and wanted to take control of our lives. We have four children and quality family time was tough to come by, particularly for me working 60-70 hours per week plus travel.

We began looking for an opportunity that would allow us to work it around our family, have the lifestyle we wanted and build something for our retirement. A traditional business with all the overhead, risk, and time commitment just wasn’t going to cut it. Nathalie heard about Reliv on a Christian radio station while driving home after a frustrating day at work. She was intrigued by the stories and scheduled an in-home presentation. She didn’t tell me until the day of the appointment, knowing I was a skeptic of network marketing. Well, after the presentation I was very impressed with the lucrative compensation plan, the one year 100% money back guarantee in the business and the amazing health and business stories I heard. And with one form of income, residual income, you had the ability to build a distribution network which will give us the time and financial freedom today and then allow us to leave it to our children and grand children because this business is willable.

So I did my due-diligence over the coming days and found a company with integrity, with management being involved since day one and quality products manufactured in near pharmaceutical grade many of them carrying patents and some with clinical studies. You know, neither one of us are salespeople, but because of the 100% buyback in the first year we figured we had nothing to lose. So even before trying the products we decided to come in at the highest profit level because we wanted to make the most amount of money for our effort. Reliv has a support system in place that helps you learn as you earn income and we plugged into all seven elements of the system. One of many things that makes Reliv unique is that all lines work together. So even if there are no financial ties, others are there to support you – amazing!

Initially we started sharing part-time with family and friends, working the business into the cracks of our lives and after a few months recouped our initial investment. We were averaging around $700 per month profit and then attended a conference in San Francisco and were blown away with the quality of people we met and the heart they have for helping others. Truly that is what this business is all about. We heard some amazing health and business stories that continued to build our wall-of-belief and also we were having results within our own family.

During our journey with Reliv we continue to get great results with the products. Nathalie has suffered most of her life with allergies and sinus infections. Within the first week she had more energy and after a couple of months on the products her sinuses and allergies were greatly improved along with her complexion. A few years ago she suffered with diverticulitis (pouches form on the walls of the colon and become inflamed) and after taking some additional product the doctor was amazed at her recovery and she hasn’t had any symptoms since. For me, initially I didn’t think it was going to help me other than for wellness. I thought I was doing everything right. I ate right, I exercised and I was already taking all kinds of nutritional supplements. A few years prior to Reliv my cholesterol was climbing so my doctor told me I needed to get on medication, which I did. Quarterly blood work to make sure it wasn’t affecting my liver and eventually I started to experience muscle pain. Needless to say I didn’t enjoy the medications. Well, after six months on Reliv, I was able to get off my cholesterol medications and my numbers are still in the normal range.

We continued to work the business and loved helping others get amazing health results and financial benefits. During this time the stress at my job continued to increase and the 1 ½ hour commute one way didn’t help. When I got home, the kids new not to talk with dad until he had a good hour to decompress from the day. I approached Nathalie about quitting my job and doing Reliv full time. The loving person that she is, she said OK and we prayed about it for a number of weeks. I finally made the decision and walked away from a very stressful career in IT to be a full time husband, dad, and now full time grand-father.

Then in December 2009 I was diagnosed with Stage IV Tongue Cancer and went through 5 months of chemotherapy and radiation. It wasn’t a fun time! I’ll admit there were times I couldn’t take the Reliv products because of the way I felt, but during this time the products gave me more energy and many of the side-effects that the doctors said I would experience I never did. Recovery was amazing and a couple of months after completing my treatments I was back to the gym.

The doctors and nurses are amazed at my progress and no sign of cancer! I first give God and then Reliv praise for my recovery. Even during the few months I couldn’t do the business because of the difficulty talking my income continued to come in – what a blessing!

I am truly grateful that this business has allowed me the time freedom to spend with the kids and to travel around the country to be with family because we can take this business anywhere. We have found the rewards of Reliv to be many – opportunity for financial freedom and complete control over our time, improved health, and a chance to be part of something bigger than ourselves and what we call “paychecks of the heart”. We love giving people hope again and we’ll never stop sharing the wonderful blessings this company has to offer.

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